thankful adventure in God's timing

The Lord's timing is and always will be a mystery to me. Some times we are sitting and waiting & waiting some more. And other times it happens in the drop of a hat and we are expected to pick up the pace.

But one thing I've learned is that it's always perfect. ALWAYS! There is no doubt that when that thing you've been waiting...trusting...prayfully seeking the Lord for...happens its for "such a time as this". And we must simply have peace in that.

While most of the time I feel like we are waiting on the Lord for what seems like forever and then we see him appear when we've become desperate and given up hope in our eleventh hour. But for me lately, I've seen him working in super speed and I sometimes have a hard time keeping up. It's been thing after thing here but he's ordained them all. And our timeline is so linear...one thing can't happen until this other thing happens. It's been a blessing to see them all happen so steadily. He's answered prayers before we even knew to ask. He's a God of small things and big things alike. It's awesome!

A few weeks ago I had said that we got a offer on our condo and signed a contract for another full price offer. HUGE blessing. That makes 2 houses in 6 months...and all that awesomeness goes to glorify God! But....
There was a catch. Our condo association had lost its certification with the FHA. So anyone with an FHA loan (meaning those looking in our price range & type of house) could not buy our place (or any in our neighborhood for that matter). And of course the buyer had an FHA loan. but the buyer decided she was willing to wait for the certification...that could take up to 90 days.

i mean who wouldn't want this cute little place, right?!

{matt} had jumped through several hoops to figure out who to talk to & how to start the process for recertification. And on the week we accepted the offer and signed the contract, we were told that it would be at least another 30 days. Still in time to close by mid December but that means a rush to get all the inspections and appraisals done before closing.

As of yesterday St. Andrews condominiums are FHA certified!! and we can now get on with the intrusions of inspectors and packing. oh joy!

I don't claim to know why the Lords timing is what it is. I couldn't tell you why we didn't find out about the certification deal until we did or why the recertification happened so quickly. In the end, my prayers are answered and I've learned to lean on His understanding & timing a little more easily.

and here we are, the end of november...Christmas is just mere weeks away. and for so many it's that of year when people are reaching their own 11th hour of desperation. we need to be looking & aware of how we can be used in the Lords timing to help those in that desperate place.

are you looking? and will you make yourself available?


  1. Congrats on selling a house in an economy like ours! His timing and care for us is perfect indeed!

  2. Praise the Lord! He is so faithful!
    I love Proverbs 16:9
    In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps.

  3. We had this exact same issue. we lived in wimbledon chase condos. unfortunately ours did not sell...but God still worked everything out. so happy for you guys :)

  4. Wow! All I can say is "Wow, God!" So happy for you guys! The place looks amazing!



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