adventures of old school sitcom tv

in another prompt from mama kat's here's a list of 10 old tv shows that i'd like to see make a comeback...

family tv these days comes down to reality or competition shows. i have no problem with either, but what happened to the good ole wholesome sitcoms of primetime programming that we could all watch together. there were so many shows & after reading several blogs & reminiscing, i thought i'd try to find some different ones than repeats of the same popular 10 shows. most of these are shows that we watched together as a family, some of them are just favorites.

...and in no particular order...

10. the wonder years
plain and simple. it was so relatable and unique. plus kevin was a cutie.

9. the nanny
i can still sing the title song. and that laugh! it was hysterical. 

8. family matters
steve urkel. enough said. 

7. quantum leap
this show was just fascinating. 

6. 7th heaven
the white picket fence, perfect parents, uncomplicated world. 
stereotypical perfect family kinda television.

5. macgyver
his legacy lives on...

4. home improvement
this was the ultimate show in our house. 

3. who's the boss
loved the crazy grandma. she was the best!

2. the cosby show
"because in a house full of love...theres always room for more."
i always thought that cliff & clair were the coolest parents ever.

1. dr. quinn medicine woman
and this ones for you {b}, i remember watching this one with your family :)

what shows did you watch or would you like to see comeback?


  1. totally LOVED Dr Quinn Medicine Woman. And Sully. LOL. And this one..."well she was working in a bridal shop in Flushing Queens, when her boyfriend kicked her out in one of those crushing scenes....." LOL. *sigh* oh, the nanny! :) Cosby Show. Hilarious. A big one in our house was Walker, Texas Ranger. Why isn't that one on your list? ;)

  2. I think you listed all my favs!! Cosby Show, Home Improvement, and Quantum Leap are my top 3. I made Adam sit through the entire Quantum Leap series in syndication when we first got married. And we watch the Cosby Show on netflix with the kids. They love it!! And "I don't think so, Tim" is a common saying around our house. We've had to explain to the kids where it came from. :)

  3. @Sarah H. yes i forgot about walker, texas ranger! my mom loved that show :)
    @Misty yes, i too find myself explaining tv quotes i use to the boys...

  4. I forgot about Quantum Leap! We share a couple of the same shows though.

  5. I liked The Wonder Years, The Cosby Show and Dr. Quinn too. I miss the sitcoms. Who's the Boss was okay too.

    Here's a link to my list:

  6. I had totally forgotten about Quatum Leap. That was a great show with and end that always made you want to watch next week.
    I grew up with MASH and Moonlighting.

  7. I loved a lot of those, Who's The Boss was my favorite though!

  8. I loved Wonder Years. And during college, reruns of Quantum Leap were on and my roommate and I used to watch it.

  9. Hey! The Wonder Years was like.. the best sitcom ever. And Kevin really was a cutie.. God, how I loved that show.
    Great blog; you rock! You officially have a Spanish reader (well, if didn’t have one already, of course!)
    Will you come visit my blog too?


    Big hug!

  10. You got a great list of shows that need to come back. :)

    Oh and thanks for including my post on your parenting tips. :)



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