dear paci adventures::it's time to go!

its official folks, we are leaving the baby stages behind.
there are no more paci's in our house! and while i am thrilled about it...part of me is sad to no longer see a paci simply because it is a visible sign that they are still babies. cause people, i've only ever had babies in my house for the last 4 years. and it's the end of an era...

we have truly loved the pacifier in our house. all the boys have had one. {matty} liked his the least & only took it for the first few months. while {ben} being the first & all loved his tremendously & had his til he turned 3. 

no i have no real magic tricks that keep a child from screaming bloddy murder at night or nap time the first day. or even an occasional night weeks later.  that being said, there's never "a perfect time" to do it. just decide to stick with it. i've done it 2 ways...a planned intervention with {ben} & just plain cold turkey with {sam} & {gabe}.

both have their pros & cons, although i'm a glutton for punishment and would say i prefer to just make the transition after i've lost every paci in the house. and this last time i did it while {matt} was away on a trip in january. i'm crazy like that. i didn't have time to stress about the process because let's be honest, it's always harder on us moms. i'm not entirely sure why. maybe it's the crying we know will accompany or the lack of sleep & grumpy babies. or maybe its the fact that it is a visible mark which loudly proclaims, I'M NOT A BABY ANYMORE! *sigh* 
and usually about the time you decide to take away the pacifier, there's always some other baby item that is getting transitioned out as well...diapers, bottles or maybe even a crib.

a few things to remember...
* once you start, just stick with it
* they will cry...and scream
* it will end...usually much sooner than you expected
* make sure there are no secret stashes of hiding pacis...cause they will be found, by you or your child
* PRAISE THEM! as humans, we all want/need to know that the pain we are enduring is worthwhile in the end!

sidenote: i'm pretty sure i'll still find a paci hiding in some long forgotten place in months to come


  1. Such words of wisdom! You are an amazing momma. Miss you guys.

  2. @morningstar thanks tina! miss y'all too...especially those wonderful babysitters-i mean sweet girls-of yours. :)

  3. Good job friend! Kicking' the paci habit...so tough! O was the worst! C doesn't take one...he just shoves his blanket halfway down his esophagus...and sucks on that. So proud of you:)

  4. @Sarah H. thanks friend. yeah, good luck with that blanket removal ;)



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