single parent sundays & our house selling adventures

my sweet little house
we've had quite an exciting few days around here. the twins turned 1. we had a party. we signed a contract on our house. yep, you just read that. i hadn't really even had the time to sit & write a post about the adventure we were undergoing in selling the house yet. so really we spent  what felt like the weekend, but today's sunday the last few days in shock and celebration!

thursday was the twins actual birthday...and the day we ended up having 2 showings on the house. one time block was from 10-1 sometime and the other 12:30-1:30...so i had to be outta the house all day. once again, thankful for that my in-laws still have a house i can hide out in. and in those 2 rather large blocks of time they both showed up at the same time! and then we got an offer that evening....signed a counter-offer and the following morning... received a second offer. simply amazing in this market! we had a bidding war folks and the result was a full price offer & minimal closing costs. and friday afternoon we stopped party prep to sign the contract.

it's all truly an answered prayer because it's only been on the market for 2.5 weeks & after a cancelation on wednesday, we were feeling a bit discouraged. and knowing that God is a God of not just big things, but small things too, we prayed specifically for a high demand, a bidding war & full price. we aren't trying to be greedy here people. we bought the house while the market was still hot and are selling it for more than $25,000 less than we bought it for. we just wanted to walk away & not owe the bank money. and that we are!

as people arrived to the twins birthday party, we began to spread the news & we had just one more reason to enjoy the pool besides the smothering heat of course because this was likely the last big hurrah in this house. the catch to our contract, the buyers want to occupy on august 15 because the husband deploys on the 17th. oh the joys of a military town. so tomorrow, we'll kick things into gear for the inspection on tuesday & pray that nothing deal breaking pops up. i mean time is on my side for once. ha! so posts may be fewer & further between, but i'm hoping to get the party pictures up soon.

turned out to be the best birthday present possible for the twins 1st birthday!


  1. Yay! What an awesome cloud of bliss you must be riding one! And after having to show the house twice on the same day as your twins birthday. Wow, there is an angel sitting on your shoulder! I am so glad it all went well. I hope everything goes smoothly from here on out!

  2. Wow! Glad it worked out.

  3. Yay!!!! That is such awesome news...very stressful but definitely came out on the positive side!!!

    Happy birthday to the twins!!!!



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