What I wore Wednesday :: accessories

I've been wearing these 2 super cute accessories the past couple days.

I've also been known to wear them like this...

One was pukey, the other was about to be. We got hit with some 24hr stomach bug. Yuck!

But I'm still finding things in my day to be thankful for!
Nov. 7
A creative boy...he was camping. Roasting marshmallows by the fire & making smores.

Signing a contract on our condo! To Him be the glory! I'll post all the details soon!

Nov. 8
Sunshine & fresh air at the park for a playdate.
A husband that tells me not to worry about the mess & just love on my boys.

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  1. I liked your guest post at Letters to Ames. You did a good job. :) I JUST did that same thing with the baby monitor.. my littlest slept on a pallet (sp?) in the closet so that we could still hang out in the hotel room while he napped, heehee. Good stuff.

  2. that is so hard with lots of kids in the house. Housework can be consuming. Kids remind me to stop sometimes. Glad your husband does too!

  3. @Hannah: thanks. there seems to be someone who didn't quite feel the same, so i appreciate the encouragement! and there's nothing like being able to have a baby that actually SLEEPS in a hotel room!

    @Andrea: it's so true & i'm not even that obsessive about it. plus it's nice to know that the dishes in the sink won't bother him either :)



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