an obsessive adventure with family pictures

my current obsession is family pictures. while we were hiding from hurricane irene in south carolina, my sister in law & i thought we'd grab some quick pics of the cousins. we went and bought some shirts and all...then we left early and they didn't happen. i was bummed. but...bright side...i got to plan out some even better outfits. i get it in my head and i can't stop until it's settled. it makes me thankful that i'm not this crazy about more stuff. it's exhausting and time consuming. and i love it! because last august is when we had our last official family pictures. the twins were 6 weeks old...definitely time for a new family portrait.

what i also love are sites like pinterest and polyvore where i can find get ideas & try them on virtually. oh the adventurous life a stay at home momma. excited to shop for some fall clothes. which made me more excited for fall. oh the fresh crisp air. *sigh* which is nowhere to be found here because it's still HUMID!  wait, you really thought i'd take the boys shopping with me?! umm no! that is alone time this momma needs...the spinning thoughts of my mind are chaotic enough without having little boys literally spinning in circles and pulling things off racks. i will enjoy every second of sorting through racks of clothes by.my.self!

at the moment i have everything but the shoes not necessarily bought but picked out. the shoes...always give me trouble because i don't want to go buy new shoes.

and this. this is what i'm most excited about...for {matt} & i or maybe {sam} & {matty}.

but here's a sneak peek at our color scheme. sorry i can't do just white shirts & jeans/khakis.

color scheme

stay tuned! we'll have pictures done in the next few weeks.

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