single parent sundays-full weekend edition

my wonderful hard working husband is at it again...digging in & pulling long, hard hours. but instead of being in the studio, he's laying new flooring & tiling the bathrooms at our condo. he was on a role thursday night so i told him he could just stay the night he had friday morning off & get up early to keep working. which meant i had to get all the boys up & out the door by 8:05 to take ben to preschool.

normally not a big deal, just like sunday morning i thought, except that ben was the only one who needed to be fully presentable. and i was doing good...3 boys dressed & diapers changed. and then i pulled {sam} outta bed. what happened next i can't even explain without gagging so i won't. but it was gross. and IT got on the carpet. that's when i knew it was very much like a sunday morning...when everything goes wrong. i rinsed {sam} off & threw some clothes on him to get out the door. we made it just in time.

and then upon our return...{gabe} had the same sort of nasty incident in the car just as we got home. in. the. car! so, with arms full of babies & a toddler who won't walk...we somehow made it up the stairs & straight to the bathroom. *sigh* i was already super tired. and thankfully so were the boys. i put everyone down for a nap and went to get the carseat and wipe down anything in the car that might have a lingering scent.

only minor cuts & frustrations while dismantling the car seat. thankfully it came out completely clean.

that was just friday morning...

the next 36 hours were full of puking and clean up. nasty diapers and clean up. lots of cartoons. and open windows airing out the stinky house.

out of desperation saturday morning, i texted {matt} who was at a men's retreat for church that i really needed some support. there were 4 needy boys with lots of different needs that this momma couldn't meet on her own. of course he didn't get it right away because cell service was few & far between. but once he did, he was on his way home. that man! i love him. he came swooping in with diapers, pedialite & crackers. and look what happens when we just ask for help!

what i perceived to be a never ending single parent weekend was cut short. and although i am not a fan of the reason for it, i'm thankful i do not have to do this parenting alone. i sincerely think that this is what is meant in vows when they say "for better or for worse. in sickness & in health" yes, they are talking about the kids too.

and it's now sunday afternoon and the boys are still fighting this bug but thankfully it's still just {sam} & {gabe}. twins asleep. {gabe} snuggling. {ben} chatting up a storm. and watching football...oh, and loving the cool fall air!

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