life adventures with my faithful God

my God is faithful.
especially in the crazy mess of my life.

He was faithful in selling our house. 2.5 weeks and SOLD with a bidding war! what?! that's unheard of you say. you are correct.
my God is faithful.

we planned on moving back into our condo that we were renting. gave the tenant sufficient notice but they were terrible and would not leave.
but my God is still faithful.

my sister-in-law bless her ever-loving soul opened the doors of her home to us...and all that we are & bring. we had a place to stay and call home until further notice. it's a 3rd floor walk up, but when you are borderline homeless you take what you can get. and it's been the most gracious gift.
my God is faithful and overly abundant in giving grace to all 7! of us up in here.

weeks later...tenant still not moving out, so we work towards the eviction process. our tenant, who was suppose to be out on the 10th, had told us that they would not be moving until the end of the month. i trust my faithful God, that He will work things out in our favor and for His glory. and sure enough, He has! by the evening of the 11th our condo was completely vacated! what?! where did the change of heart come from? i'm still in awe...

now for the rehabbing that must take place after it being a rental for the last 4 years. now just praying the same favor on that place that was on our house. we need to get this place sold! now that we are a family of 6, we have different needs than when we bought this condo or our house. i know it will sell. and i know a new home will be provided.
my God is faithful, or haven't you heard?!

so if it seems that things are coming to head for you, remember, that God is faithful. just continue to be obedient in what you've been called to do. He honors that. remember that it is out of your hands so just keep on travelling the path of point A to point B. because if He is suppose to intervene at point B and you stopped halfway...He can't step in. you've taken it into your hands and have therefore made it harder to get to point B.
so hang on because our God is faithful!

and remember, if you're needing to be encouraged, click the box below and read some more great posts. i'm sure that there's something that fits your situation!


  1. So glad you are tangibly experiencing God's faithfulness. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm a pastor's wife, too. :)

  2. Love this... Very inspiring, encouraging words. Thanks for sharing!



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