adventures hiding from hurricane irene

i'm sure most are wondering...
"how exactly do you survive a hurricane with 4 under 4?!"
the answer is...YOU DON'T!

because we currently do not own a home and are staying with the ever so gracious {auntie kate}, there wasn't a need to stay and keep an eye on things. aaaaanndd remember, {auntie kate} lives in a 3rd floor condo just a block from the beach. therefore that puts us in flood zone 1. which means, if power goes out it'll take longer to be restored if there is still flooding. and i've already done the whole no power with kids thing. read that story here. and doing that again & for longer, no thanks! so we peaced out!

for {aunt kristin}'s house in the southern carolina.
it's currently gorgeous weather here thanks to irene.
which is awesome since there are currently 9 children 9 & under. 8 cousins & a friend.
so we need there to be outside play time.

a few pictures of our hiding adventures thus far...

{matthew owen}, {matthew stephen} & {matthew campbell}

{sam} & {noah}

let's play a game!
can you find all the kiddos?

{sam} & {matty} loved the wagon

these boys turned that water brown.

the great part of twins. 
twice the snuggles!

with this beautiful weather, i woke up this morning and was filled with nostalgia. it's the kind of weather that reminded me of all those early saturday mornings that i would get up and head to the soccer fields. it even almost smelled like fall.

i was already getting the fall weather bug, but now i think irene is making it worse! anyone else ready for fall?!

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