the adventures of a nickname

i've always loved nicknames...the ones that graduate from an experience or mispoken name and stick.
not so much a fan of pet names that stick...
i don't want to call your child cuddlelebug
because i guarantee they aren't being so cuddly to me . 

so in the naming of our boys {matt} and i agreed that we wanted strong names that could be shortened...

so benjamin became {ben} 
gabriel became {gabe} 
samuel became {sam} 
and matthew became {matty} 
and while i love the boys shortened names, that's all they are to me. shortened, not nicknames.

and so from there we've tested out many a pet name. ya know, trying them on for size to see what fits or stays as a nickname. there have been some quite hilarious...for example, {ben} was meatball as he gained 3lbs. in a month! {gabe} has been referred to as sumo or butterball cause that kid had some good ole baby chub rolls. {sam} is often called beefcake because he just is. and our little {matty} guy is lovingly called peanut or peanut butter and often smells of it since currently that's all the protein i can get him to eat. but let's face the facts...these are all just not gonna work for public usage. 

and then it happened over time. {gabe} became {gabers}. and thankfully NOT butterball!
still not quite sure where or how it started exactly. not sure if that's how {ben} in his little 2 year old-learning how to speak voice said it or if that's how i heard him say it. but he was proud of his little brother and introduced him to everyone...and this is my brother {gabers}. the silly name fits our silly boy perfectly.

and i love it!

and since we began going to a new church the beginning of the year everyone there, especially the teachers in the 2 year old room call my buddy {gabers}. for now he doesn't seem to care or mind it. i guess time will tell. and the real test will be once he goes to school. i'm waiting for the day he asks me not to call him {gabers} but i still hope it never will. a momma can dream right?!

my silly {gabers}

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  1. Aww... I know how you feel. I call my 2 year old boy "Rydie" sometimes... it was a pet name from big sis. I hope it never annoys him, cause it makes me happy! :0)



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