remembering the adventures of last june

all i have been able to think about this week was the ultrasound and doctor's visit that started it all...it was this week last year. if you need a refresher course read this & this.

i remember saying "this time next year will be so much better". and i can truthfully say that it is! i have 2 healthy little munchkins that are currently getting into and eating everything. they are champion eaters and still on their way to becoming champion sleepers. :)

34 weeks
in the midst of the storm & 2 weeks before the babies came.

Baby A {Sam}
he was the my big guy from the start. we call him {mini-gabe}. he looks so much like {Gabe} and has a very similar personality. and that boy is sweet as pie! his smile melts me. his giggle is the kind that restores broken hearts. for being a big bruiser much like his big brothers were he is gentle and loving. if you sit him down with toys, he'll stay there for the longest time. a little snuggler for sure. but who wouldn't want to cuddle and squeeze him?! i think fat babies make the world a better place.

Baby B {Matty}
he's my little guy. he is such a strong little guy, both physically and mentally. he is just tough. it's like he's sticking it to the doctor that tried to say he was gonna die. fat chance. this kid...he's a fighter. i love it. he is so much like his dad. we definitely named the right one {Matthew}. he will forever be keeping me on my toes. and i'm ok with that. in the end, he's a momma's boy. and he's the peanut butter to {Sam}'s jelly. i so need to buy these shirts!
tiny bundles of sweetness...

can't imagine life without them. shoot! i barely remember life before them :) but as they approach their 11 month birthday next week i can see a flicker of light glowing at the end of the tunnel. soon my baby days while be over and it'll be onto soccer practices and school programs. trying to savor these days with my babies while they still are, babies. :)

...to big, happy & healthy wild buddies.

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