the adventure continues...with twins!

Matthew Campbell & Samuel Aaron

the story of the twins arrival...in bullet points because there were just too many details!
  • we were told at 20 weeks that we're expecting not 1 boy...but 2 spontaneous twin boys! (as best they could tell they were spontaneous/identical)
  • at 28 weeks we were told that there was a 29% difference in size between the boys
  • finally at 32 weeks went to the maternal-fetal medicine to have have in-depth ultrasound on the boys
  • that day...june 24 (the day before my 5 yr anniversary & 2 days after {Matt} left for nepal) i was told that baby B was in the 5th percentile and the chances of him "passing away" were significantly high & they 'may' have heart problems. they sent me to get a steroid shot in case they needed to come early...
  • i promptly got in touch with {Matt} who was in the mountains in nepal (as promptly as one can) and told him i needed him to go through this with me....he left that night. rode down the mountain on the back of a motorcycle at 4am.
  • met with a pediatric cardiologist. he wasn't worried with what he saw. which just made me confused, not assured.
  • over the next month i was put on bed rest (ha! that was a joke!), went back to the doctor weekly for more ultrasounds, blood flow and growth checks.
  • finally at 35 weeks they decided that there wasn't enough room for baby B to grow and that the following week they would take the babies by c-section. i'm pretty sure i busted out in singing the "Hallelujah Chorus".
  • july 21, 2010...we arrived at the hospital at 7am ready to have some babies!
  • after 3 emergency c-sections, plus another ones that were already scheduled to happen before mine...4:52pm babyA {Sam} @ 6lbs 7oz and 4:53pm babyB {Matty} @ 4lbs 14oz... were finally release from the confines of my belly.
  • i tried to savor every last second of my being pregnant, but being strapped up with multiple monitors laying on a gurney (not even a real bed!) i was ready to go home and stay pregnant one more day! emotional wreck for sure.
  • then once the babies were out they were wisked away to the NICU at CHKD. they only brought 1 bassinet (for babyB) but got charts or something mixed up and they both went.
  • recovery from a c-section was a beast compared to my other births. i felt all itchy as the spinal wore off. so they gave me benadryl...straight into the IV. whoops! i was a hot mess.
  • matt went with the babies. i tried to rest, but my adrenaline was getting the best of me and i just couldn't fully rest. i had several conversations with people with my eyes closed because i literally couldn't keep them open. i blame the benadryl.
  • first scans of the boys looked good but they wanted to watch them over the next few days. so if i wanted to see them i had to be wheeled down a maze of corridors to CHKD to see them.
  • they were in separate rooms so the scrubbing of hands and dressing of gowns was repeated many times. thankfully they were only in the NICU a couple of days.
  • on july 23 {Sam} was released from the NICU and spent the next 2 days just down the hall (that i could walk to) in the level III nursery. i got to hold him and was able to start trying to breastfeed.
  • on july 24 {Matty} was released from the NICU and sent to the level III nursery as well. they were both cleared of any heart or other medical problems!!
  • thankful doesn't even begin to express my feelings...
  • i was released the morning of july 25. and then we hung out in the hospital all day waiting for {Sam} to be released. he wasn't until 9pm!!
  • we were in the middle of a heat wave so at 9m it was nearly 99 degrees!! i was thankful for the time in the AC that i didn't have to pay for :)
  • we were told that {Matty} would be released the next day as long as he passed his car seat test. he had to sit in the car seat for an hour without having any heart arrhythmia's. he did that in the morning....and again, wasn't released until 9pm on july 26. the night nurse had never done a medical release. that week she did 2. and bonus for us, she just kept giving us formula and diapers galore!
we did it! we were home as a family of 6! it was the longest lesson on waiting & patience ever!

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