the adventures of a traveling mommy & a homesick buddy

we somewhat abruptly ended our vacation in the mountains to pick up our boys a day early. we got a phone call from a sad and homesick little boy. his dad promised him that we would be there to put him to bed the next day. so i savored one last night of no baby duty or early morning breakfast duty. as sad as i was that vacation had ended, i was more than ready for the kisses & cuddles i knew awaited me. i had truly missed them over the last couple of days.

i find it amazing how my heart is tied to these 4 little ones. i really did fine not being with them. i'm not the kind of mom who can't be away from her kids. i mean, after 4 in 3 years...i think i deserve some me time. :) so i've learned to enjoy my time by myself.

confession: {Matt} & I would look at pictures or watch videos of the boys on our phones while in the car driving from here to there. one more reason i love my iphone.

lesson learned: i love my boys & being blessed with the opportunity to raise them as a stay at home mommy. sure, i wish that there had been another day of vacation, but really, i was glad to get home to normal. whatever that is...
looking out the door, waiting for us to get there...

so sweet & snuggly. got the world's best snuggles that night!

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