adventures in 2nd law of twins

so the tone of this space has been a little unintentionally heavy lately...good but heavy.
so i'm gonna lighten things up a bit.

i previously wrote this post on the 1st law of twins. so this is my follow up & addition to.

while i was away MIA this summer tending to my boys...it was mainly because i was experiencing what i call the 2nd law of twins. what is it you ask, let me share.

2nd Law of Twins states:
you cannot have one twin without the other. 
especially if pertaining to, but not exclusively limited to,
A. if there is a mess to make
B. a lap to be sat upon

and because pictures are worth 1000 words, please review the following as proof in defining this law.
disclaimer: no twins were hurt in or during any of these events

y'all these were just pictures i snapped in a 2 month time period. when i said this summer was busy taking care of my fam...now you understand i was just cleaning up the trail these 2 left behind.

these 2 have gotten in more trouble than my older 2 ever did at this age.
some may call it teamwork...
but in our house we call it the second law of twins.


  1. Love the pics. I have 4 & 2 year old girls and 11 month twin boys. I am already experiencing this law with my guys. Lol

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