adventures in the law of twins

does this happen to anyone else?!

i mean how am i suppose to keep up with twin toddlers without a fence?! 

it's gotta be the 

law of twins: 

move in the opposite direction of your sibling,
without stopping & as fast as possible.

thankfully, i have found a park with a fence!
it's a rarity & such a blessing.

bathrooms & a picnic shelter

i'm calling it my little slice of heaven on earth.

at least with a fence i have a fighting chance of keeping up.
and the only way i can take all 4 boys to the park by myself.

{and if you've ever wondered how i lost my baby weight...
this should give you an idea how. haha! }

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  1. I feel ya! Between my 3 year old twins, plus their 4 year old brother, I feel like i'm always running in 3 different directions

  2. Beautiful family! Glad I stumbled across this blog! I'm a mom of 4 boys, 5 and under and no twins. In the last 3.5 years we moved from FL (7 year stint) to Ohio (hometown) and now we're trying to lay roots in Colorado... finally :) I can relate to so much you've written on your blog. Look forward to connecting in our bloggy cyberworld :)



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