some of my adventures the past 29 years

long ago i had started a list of things i wanted to do in life by the time i turned 30. 
that was back when i thought life was taking me on a MUCH different course & that 30 was old. 
it definitely included things like start having kids & save money to buy a house.
welp...it's more like
 be done having kids
and find our 3rd house to buy.

i tried to come up with a list of things i wanted to do in this last year of my 20's. the last year of fun, or like my sister said, before i have to be responsible. but truth be told, i've lived a lot in my short 29 years. and frankly, i think i've already made a list of goals for the year & amendments to that list. 
so instead here are parts of my life that i want to celebrate! 

29 things i've done...no particular order

1. graduated from high school & college
2. travelled outside of the US {mexico, guatemala & spain}
3. lived in 4 different states
4. bought {and SOLD!} 2 houses
5. worked a full-time job
6. bought myself a car
7. been in a beauty pageant
8. learned to ride a bike
9. raced my dad's corvette around the texas motorspeedway
10. travelled to 34/50 states...maybe its 35
11. been proposed to 
12. got married to the love of my life
13. got pregnant & birthed babies 3x 
{yes only 4...remember, the last time was twins?!}
14. was a pastor's kid & then a pastor's wife
15. had cancer invade my life
16. experienced not 1, but 2 miraculous healings of my body
17. been a passenger in a car accident
18. been pulled over
19. driven at speeds over 100mph {see#9}
20. dyed my hair
21. learned how to snow & water skiing
22. played soccer
23. looked at colleges as a soccer recruit 
{even thought i didn't end up playing}
24. was a model
25. learned how to develop & print film
26. got my boating license
27. learned to play the guitar
28. also played basketball, softball, volleyball & ran track
29. started a business of my own

8 more days to vote!

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