adventures as His chosen people

sometimes we all just need a little reminder...

that He chose us.
that we are HIS.
that He calls us out of the darkness
and when we respond, we walk with Him in truthlight.
He speaks all of these things to us in
1 peter 2:9

what a great counter to the negative thoughts that can eat through us so quickly. 
the ones that say we don't belong.
we don't deserve. 
we are condemned & hopeless.

because they are all lies!
our lives were created with purpose & destiny.
we are blessed beyond measure with no other reason
than we are His.
and that is reason enough to declare His praises!!

i've always loved this verse. and i often times couldn't recall it correctly.
and then my amazingly talented husband wrote {& recorded} this song. 

go on now...click it & listen!

 chosen people by matt ruckel

now you all can join with me as it gets stuck in your head.... and hopefully your heart as well!
you're welcome!!

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