giving up on good adventures: sunday morning church

you know how sometimes there are good things in life that just aren't the best things for your family?!

well recently, we've discovered going to church on sunday mornings isn't the best thing for us.

now, wait a sec!

it's not that we are skipping church altogether. we are just choosing to go on saturday nights instead. and it's been an awesome surprise!

truth: for several years, i went to church out of duty. 
the duty of a good christian woman. the duty of a pastor's wife. 
the duty of a mom trying to raise God-loving little men. 
and that was all fine. 
sometimes i think you have to just get up & go even if you don't want to or feel like it. 
but i longed for more...

now that matt isn't preoccupied on sundays, i thought things would change...until he got asked to play on the worship team. i knew it would only be a matter of time. i just hoped it would take longer i guess. either way, it's happened. in all honesty, him being a part of the worship team is what helped make our shift from sunday morning church-goers, to saturday night church-goers.

when it comes down to the facts, saturday night allows him to be more available to help me with the unloading/loading up of kids. the church also serves a family meal before service. so we meet matt there {as he's gone ahead for practice}, eat dinner together, put the kids in childcare available for the worship team, and then i sit. i sit & unwind. i'm able to prepare my heart before worship. it's been a long time since i've been in a place where i'm ready for what God has in store before service starts.

y'all this was me on mother's day weekend...before church.

y'all know what i'm talking about right?! the hustle & bustle that seemingly only comes on sunday mornings as you bust out the door, usually running just a little late. yeah, that. and doing that for years by myself with my growing tribe of boys {and my trusty sidekick of a stroller}...it exhausts me to think about it.

but now our sundays leave room for rest & recouping from our saturday family adventures. we hang out, watch cartoons, pick up toys, catch up on laundry & go to our small group. i suppose in essence that our sundays have turned into what most do on saturdays. and coming from a season where we never really had weekends, this is a new experience.

i'd say that now we are in a season of refreshing. and that includes things like worship team childcare. and saturday night dinners & church. and small group meetings. and no more single-parent sundays.


  1. I just connected with your post from Naptime Diaries. This is a great thought. I have 4 little ones and we attend a small church that we are very involved in. It seems like Sundays are anything BUT restful. I know that part of it is just a stage. But, sometimes it is letting go of things too. I gave up teaching SS this summer. I think it was a good decision. It allows me to be more worshipful, and enjoy the time with my family.

    1. thanks for stopping by! and yes, any responsibilities on a sunday morning do, unfortunately, take away from it being a more worshipful/ peaceful day. hope you enjoy your break!

  2. Awesome! I could not agree with you more. I have made my blog private. If you would like to be on the list leave me your email on fb pm.

    1. thanks tina! i hope y'all are enjoying your season on rest some too.

  3. yes mam! Saturday church rocks! :)



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