adventure of single-parent sundays

let me explain this one a bit...
in being a pastor's wife, i did not realize i signed up to be a single parent on sundays. its not that {Matt} isn't willing to help, he just isn't available to. he gets there early for worship practice & set up and has to tear down immediately afterwards to make room for the church that meets in our building directly following our morning service. not really ever an issue til the twins came and now the addition of a second service on sunday evening. i have to get all 4 boys up, ready & to church by myself. i also have to get them from the car inside and to their classes...i get my work out to say the least. its also why i loooove my joovy big caboose. it's long but the only way i can do it by myself. that and the help of a few die hard friends that, when they are there before me, are willing to help with the unload process. then after church is out i load em back up and then home for a quick lunch and nap and repeat the process for church that evening. to say the least, there is bound to be at least 1 adventure...but there's usually more! needless to say, this will be a repeat post. ha!

so the adventure of today was the fact that i forgot my stroller! aka my best friend, The Train, the Ruckel mobile, the beast. you might be wondering how in the world could you forget your second set of arms?!  well my van had a flat tire this week and in order to get to the spare, we unloaded the stroller. and there it set waiting for its weekly church outing and alas, i completely forgot! i opened up my back door and clenched my jaw upon the realization that it was missing. *sigh* so i took 2 trips in with both arms full of buddies. so thankful for my church family who helps in such moments! and the kicker...i never put the stroller back in before "night church" as {Ben} calls it. you have got. to. be. kidding!! and the result of no stroller today, my biceps are burning!


  1. So glad you revived your blog. I'm already addicted :-)

  2. Oh I love you. You truly ARE superwoman.

  3. I LOVE this picture. Words just couldn't adequately describe what it is like being that outnumbered! Guy works a lot of weekends since the hospital never closes and many a Sunday I am drained after getting two little ones ready and myself and unloading/reloading a double stroller. When I am feeling like throwing a pity party I will think of you and then pray for us both!!

  4. betsy & jolene: Glad to know I'm not alone on Sundays! i will pray for you too.

    laura: good! that helps me to keep em coming :)



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