Twas an adventure on the night before Christmas

this Christmas we have been in the middle or the end rather of a state-to-state move. The logistics of such monumental under takings are borderline nightmarish. But we've had a few distractions and potential train wrecks these last few weeks. Read this for details. But in the end, we all made it. Safe & sound. Which is a Christmas miracle in itself! But because of our move we knew that this would be a modest Christmas. Which lets be honest, took a huge stress & pressure off because that meant no shopping for gifts for everyone. But I also discovered that without experiencing the hustle & bustle of the shopping frenzy, it also didn't feel like Christmas.
1st night in our new house. sleepover by the christmas tree.
I did my little bit of shopping online with presents delivered & some even gift wrapped. I loved the ease & peace of it. Plus the excitement of it arriving at our door made ME feel like a kid. Mostly I bought small things to occupy the boys for the 15 hour car ride. yes 15hrs & they all did great! I knew we would be opening literally buckets of toys that had been in storage for months now, plus the excitement of the new house...who needs presents to open on Christmas morning?! Nobody here...at least that's what I thought. As night fell on Christmas eve, I found myself getting sad at the thought that my boys wouldn't have gobs of presents & wrapping to become swallowed in the next morning. I longed for more. More time to prepare. More money to spend. More presents to open.
christmas jammies & watching "the very first christmas" in bed
The next morning came in a flash & with a bang. Literally the boys door hit the wall as they left their room. The boys opened their gifts and would not put them down! I bought both the big boys a mobigo & game cartridge. I soon came to realize that they would've just played with that one toy the whole day whether they had other presents to open or not. my longing ceased. And my heart was humbled.

playing with toys christmas morning

I had been walking through this season of advent with my boys and teaching them that it wasn't about Santa & gifts, but about Christ humbly coming as a baby for each of us. And here I find myself doing exactly what I was trying to teach my boys NOT to do. While it is so very fun to find the most perfect gift & getting it at a great price, I realized that now as a mom I need to learn to be content with what I have or else my boys won't get it. They were content with what they had been given. and in the end, I was content with the modest Christmas morning we had. The boys got a few more gifts to open from family later that day which I admit, helped me feel a little better. Next year I'm hoping Christmas won't be as overshadowed as these past 2 years. As parents, we've realized that for things to be successful & feel like Christmas, it's up to us.

So we're devising a plan to help everyone, myself included, feel like its more like Christmas next year. And the best way to start that off is by NOT moving days before Christmas. it definitely set the attitude of my heart & mind on the things & areas of life i want to make important for 2012.
 and more stuff isn't one!

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