a slow & adventurous blogging re-entry from florida

sorry for the absence dear friends! life has been a little 'hold on & enjoy the ride' lately. 

here's a few simple facts of our current life:

we are still alive.
we did make it to florida.
i'm waiting for a little while to get any further medical tests concerning the masses in my breasts.
i do have a majority of the house unpacked now.
the walls are still bare. 
establishing life in a few town means a lot of errands & phone calls.

so yes, i've been busy & have had a million thoughts of blogging but have had no time. i've realized the outlet it's been for me. hoping i can get some stuff up more regularly here soon. i'm planning on some pics or possibly a video tour of our new digs so stay tuned!

also, i've been contemplating a little blog makeover for a while. i mean, {ben} is almost 5...so the whole adventures with 4 under 4 just doesn't quite fit anymore. i'm open for some new title...look...theme suggestions. 

hoping in 2012 i can be better about scheduling posts so i'm not so sporadic.
love you all...& until next time i leave you with this...

our own version of the breakfast club

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