5 steps to keeping up those adventurous resolutions

we're a few weeks into this new year...this new place...this new life of ours...
and i feel like i may just be settling on a few things that i'd like to see happen this year. 
you can call them resolutions. goals for the year. life changes. a list.

lets face it, in general, when it comes to seeing goals through, it's a difficult task. i personally start off strong & then get distracted & fade quickly. so there's a few things i've learned about myself to help me get things not just started, but seen strongly through to until it is finished. 

did you make a list of resolutions? 
what are you doing to make goals happen?
let me help ya out...here's what i'm doing:

1. consistency
i am definitely not a routine person by nature. confession: in fact, i dislike them & fear of becoming a slave to them. but this is one time i've learned to embrace them. if i don't have a set routine, whatever the goal maybe, i get distracted and end up not doing it one time...i'm done for. i'll make a feeble attempt at catching up but i end up feeling burned out & leaving it. undone. incomplete. hanging over my head taunting me. 

2. realistic
one thing on my list for 2012 is finding & settling on our style for our home. moving out of the hand-me-down, newly-married type furniture/decor and onto something that is us...all 6 of us. while the woman in me would love to have a living room straight out of a design magazine, it just isn't going to happen...for several reasons. the mom in me reminds me of money & practicality of it. i mean this is a house full of testosterone & climbing little boys. i do know that style is an evolving process. and while my mind races & makes decisions, finding that perfect item may take longer. which means that i may or may not accomplish this goal by the end of the year. and that is why my goal is to find...not decorate every inch of our living space. break it down to into smaller steps if need be. because who doesn't like to cross things off the to-do list?! 

3. encouragement/ reminders/ accountability
whether you have someone to help you or your sticking post-it notes all around your house, this is an essential part of of the process. i definitely have the mom-brain these days & nothing would get done EVER if i didn't have a reminder set. for instance, i have a scripture calendar on my sink that i see in the morning or evening and i have a reminder set on my phone to remind me to read my devotion. yes, i'm that bad that i need it in more than one place. if you like having people check in on you, share it with facebook or twitter & have them keep you accountable. 

4. keep your list where you can see it. 
make it your homescreen on your phone. hang it on your fridge. put it in your Bible or a book your reading. or again if you dare, post it online. my weekly meal menu sits out on the counter where i can see it. i've even got snacks listed. then i'm not trying to remember or make spontaneous decisions. 

5. pick one.
as the months pass & you find that you're becoming overwhelmed by keeping up with all the goals on your list, pick one to see through to the end. finish 1 goal by the end of the year. that is completely achievable...for anyone! sticking it through to the end helps build self-confidence. and who knows, maybe next year, you'll get 2 things done. 
you can do it! 

that being said...here's some things on my list for 2012.
finding/ settling on our home style *
make a meal at least 3 times a week *
go to bed at 11 *
make some new friends * 
schedule blogs regularly *
re-do blog design * 

i'll give some updates periodically on how i'm doing.
 i'd love to know how you're doing...or how i can help you!

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