single parent sunday :: giving thanks days 4-6

i've been keeping a running daily list of things i'm thankful for on my phone. it's much easier than keeping pen & paper around yet also out of reach of the boys. since i'm just mashing all of these together today i'll keep it brief...

november 4
child care at the YMCA
leftover halloween goodie bags
a call to show the condo

november 5
showing the condo
a clean house
family time
nap time
worked on our christmas card
dinner & coffee with my friends

november 6
waking up with a little bit of sunshine
babies that didn't cry when left in the nursery
teething swabs for uncomfortable
jimmy john's
offer on the condo...even if it's not that great


and since yesterday was sunday...here's my single parent sunday adventure...
the boys woke up at their normal 7:15.
we got fed, dressed & out the door with no major meltdowns.
got to church EARLY.
got everyone to the bathroom & class on time. 

and then it repeated for our second go round for night church.

those experiences are few and far between for us.
 definitely a day i was giving thanks with a grateful heart!

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