A few people I'm thankful for :: day 3

{nana roo} & her special birthday...ok so I meant to add that to yesterday's post. as I was typing realized the notes I had been keeping had been deleted by a certain 2 yr old who can't keep his hands off my phone.
{nana roo} & {papa steve}
photo by: tom graham

to know that a dear friend is back home in the states (she & family have been in in thailand for 1.5 yrs) and recovering from jetlag. happy heart!
{tess} with a brand new {gabe}

Listening to Christmas music while cleaning. Love the nostalgia & joy it brings. Especially when listening to this...

Remember my friend {abbie}, this is her big brudda, Matt Wertz. I spent many a Christmas seasons in their cozy house. *sigh* and yes, I'm suddenly filled with childhood nostalgia again...see its just that good! he's working hard at pursuing his dream, so show him some support. GO GET IT!

Which also makes me thankful for Abbie & all these years when laughed & cried through life together. Gah! If only texas weren't so far away!! Kiss that sweet niƱo for me.
{abbie} & her son {wes-a-wee}, {bethany} &
me and my boys

New books to read at bedtime. Nothing like the rhythmic sound of a new book to slow down the pace before bed.

gift cards that had been put away & forgotten about to help buy a few groceries while money was low. major blessing!!

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  1. awwww I made the thankful list!!! LOVE you and can't wait to see you!!



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