A parent/teacher conference adventure

Yesterday was another first experience. We went to parent/teacher conference at {ben}s preschool.

Not sure when I became old enough to fall into either category of people who attend these parent/teacher conferences, but it's happened. And I still felt awkward.

But I learned there's nothing bad about them when you're kid is a rock star. {ben}s teacher was impressed & excited about everything he was already accomplishing just a few weeks into school...ever! And of course it was great to hear that my boy, my baby boy, is excelling in every area. So I guess we are doing something right and hopefully that will trickle down. From us as parents to the other boys & from {ben} as he learns how to be a big brother & grows into the big brother shoes.

{ben}s teacher gave us a copy of his assessment so far for kindergarten preparedness checklist. And of course he is rocking that too. I myself had felt unprepared about what was expected of him in kindergarten. And now knowing he's well on his way...huge burden lifted. And now I feel more confident and have better direction on what to make sure {gabe} knows.

And as {gabe} sings all the songs I sing to him unlike his big brother I have a better estimate of where he is. And he's doing good.

doing his 'homework'.

Thankful for these easy-adapting, quick-learning, song-singing, tender-hearted boys I get the chance to raise into brain-using, God-fearing, gospel-sharing, momma (wife)-loving men.

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