flashback adventures:: an ode to the studio

{matt} and i met in college at oral roberts university.

he was a music technology major. 
i was a comm major. 

the only reason our paths ever even crossed was because of mutual friends who inevitably ended up pairing us together on every outing we went on. guess it worked!

{matt} had an on campus job in the music lab. i know sounds so...boring. when in fact, that's where we hung out quite a bit. not only was he the 'go-to' tech guy when someone had questions, he also started recording an cd project with a close friend. so it became his second home. and my study place. i'd go in and sit in the back of the room with my spanish or whatever else i had. we would casually interact. i'd get my work done with minimal distractions. and i learned what all those crazy knobs & buttons on a sound board are for.

i would bring him candy or a little snack. and i'd stay til curfew. yes, my college had a curfew. he'd always stay late because he had a work excuse. so i'd kiss him goodnight and rush back to my room.

see other people came to hang out too.
p.s. don't mind me in my work out clothes :)

then we got married and moved away. but the recording followed us half way across the country. he's good at what he does so people want to use his talents. i hung out with him in the studio a little, but not quite as much as before. i no longer had my homework to occupy me. and it was boring. i wasn't singing or playing the drums or guitar. my interest wasn't in the music itself, it was in time with him. and he was in the work zone. the do not bother me zone. plus he was often gone late nights since he was doing it after work hours.

then when we moved into our house and built the sweet studio in the garage, i thought maybe i'd visit more often. i could visit after the kids were in bed. bring the baby monitor with me and not feel like a neglectful mother.

well, let's just say i loved the fact that he was closer was a plus. but actually didn't bring me in too much more. well, maybe i popped my head in more often, but not the long leisurely hangouts like we had in college. things had changed.

i was now preoccupied with babies, sleeping babies, dishes, laundry and dirty floors.
i was there in heart but i had already won him over. and the studio became his space. his version of the man cave. and that was a-ok with me.

since we moved outta the house, the studio has been relocated to church. and i bring the boys with me to visit so they can bang on the drums and play guitars. instead of my girl-friends. bring him dinner instead of candy. but i still leave early to put the boys to bed and wait for him at home instead of my tiny dorm room.

check out the newest song he's been working on for our friend/ pastor adam cates!

inspired by mama kat's writer's workshop. 


  1. Is your husband is Matt Ruckel? If so.. my husband says he played drums with him back in the day (Ben Floyd) such a small world!

  2. lesley: haha yes! that is so crazy! i'll have to tell him.



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