makin' it work monday adventures

happy halloween!

ok, so i don't love halloween per say, but i do love kids, costumes & candy...
so how about this instead...

 dino ben & momma 2008

happy dress your kids up & 
take lots of pictures 
while trying to keep them from eating 
the entire bag of candy day!!

dino gabe 2010

while there is often times a single-parent sunday post today...i'm mixin' things up and talking about how i'm makin' it work. not here but over with rachael at letterstoames. yep, my first official guest blog. yay! so stop by, show me some comment love & follow rachael's blog. she's got 5 kids...and 3 littles, a lot like my 3 littles! wife of a musician, iced coffee drinker, sushi lover & RN extraordinare! i know, awesome right?! go on now...check it out letterstoames.com

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  1. Found your blog on Letters to Ames as a mom of 3 boys 3 and under I had to check it out, love it. New follower

  2. Stopping over from Letters to Ames! What a great post you wrote & great tips you shared!



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