one of my houdini adventures

i'm back from my impromptu hiatus. i did not intend to disappear...let alone for a couple of weeks. life got the best of me between sick boys, moving, settling in, entire family catching a cold/fall allergies, getting condo ready for an open house, family pictures. phew! exhausting it was, but i can say...i think i've found my words again.

so yes, lots has happened in the time i've been gone. but truthfully, none of it was too worthy of writing about. i was in one of those eternally grumpy moods my poor husband! and felt like if i didn't have anything nice to say, i just shouldn't. 
so i didn't...not here. 
not twitter. 
not facebook. 
not emails. 
phone calls or texts much. 
i became houdini and vanished.

to be honest it gave my slightly introverted self time to recharge and process. it's been good. 
i could fill y'all in on all the details, but i'm not so sure i want to re-live it.

instead...how about a few of my fav new family pics!
we had as much fun as i'd hoped & i love how they turned out.

i'll be updating the meet the adventurers page with our new pictures. so if you wanna see more...go check them out!

and pictures of the condo to come soon!

1 comment:

  1. cute pics! once you are settled, i would love to see you and your boys! email me and i can give you my number.



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