adventurous attempts at kite flying

its always quite the excursion when we go out with all 4 of the boys...especially when we go to the park. we haven't quite figure out how to manage them all yet, but we're getting better at it. although, there is one park here that {ben} loves to go to and the playground area is huge. and of course that means lots of fun too. it stresses {matt} & i both out because we can't let the babies down to just to run around. so we both hold a twin and chase one of the big boys. yes, it is as exhausting as it sounds. but it makes for happy and just as exhausted boys.

but the best part is the 'mountain' that the boys can run and climb. and although i use the word 'mountain', it's a glorified hill that is named mount trashmore. yep we play on an old landfill. and it's the best place to fly a kite in town. so after about 20 minutes of playing on the playground, we sent the boys up the 'mountain'.

{sam} & {matty} were trying to catch up
and instead fell down.

{ben} can just about make it to the top without stopping.
{gabe} wears out pretty quickly. the grass + 'mountain' climbing = needs to hold momma or daddy's hand to finish the race.
{sam} & {matty} get carried to the top and then let go for wandering. but it seems that all they wanted to do was inspect what i thought were aerated pieces of dirt & later upon further inspection found it was actually goose poop. so gross! so i was busy trying to keep them from putting it in their mouths.

it starts like this. watching intently
while dad puts the kite together...

{matt}bought a kite just for this particular family outing. a cheap one. and let's just say, lessoned learned, cheap kites don't fly well. so it took a while to put together and stay together. we got it up a few times but nothing really long enough for {ben} to have a turn flying it. {ben} thought we were just playing a really long and non-funny joke on him.

and eventually they start to scatter.

but isn't that just how family outings work...80% craziness with 20% successful memory making moments?! it was just fun to watch the boys run and explore the 'mountain'. i snapped a few pictures on my iphone and that was good enough for me. i even remembered to make sure i was in a few of them so the boys can see that i was there...even if all they remember is their dad's attempts at flying a kite.

me wrestling the {twins}
in attempt to keep them away from the goose poop.
and for your viewing pleasure...a video clip of what it's like to go with us to the park. enjoy! and yes, it's ok to laugh. 

done in effort to learn how to embrace the camera..


  1. oh my! And I thought I had my hands full with 3 ~4 and under~. I bet your house is SO much fun! I know what a 4 year old boy and a 2 year old boy are like. Hope your's get along like mine do ~70% fun and 30% fighting~ *I figure it could be MUCH worse*.
    Thanks for stopping by my blog today! You have a beautiful family!
    Glad to be your newest follower : )

  2. Kristi!
    A friends recommended your blog to me and oh my word, we have so much in common! I have a 3 yr. old boy, twin 18 mo, old girls, and a 9 week old baby! Whew! Life is crazy and I can SO identify with your blog! I too write often about how difficult this season is in my life. But we serve a mighty God, and without him I would be nothing! Super cute family pics by the way - so glad I found you!



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