usually adventurous short phone conversations

ya know that image of a 1950's housewife with the phone & a long cord stuck to the side of her head.

yep kinda like this.

well i don't know about you, but since i've become a mother my phone conversations have gotten shorter. and not because i have less to say, but because i get interrupted with...well life with boys!
here's a list of my best all true i might add! abrupt last lines before i hangup. they usually start with:
hey, i gotta go...

15. screaming child(ren) sniff! sniff! aaanddd poppy diaper hour has arrived.
14. hurry! hurry! to the bathroom. not in your pants...ok the grass works
13. no, not the stairs! down! 
12. gabe! don't eat that...seriously kid?!
11. eww! don't drink that. it's yucky milk. shiver & gag.
10.  iiiii've got a naked climber.
9. aaaand gabe's in the bathtub. with water. fully clothed.
8. ahh! ben's on top of the piano
7. gabe's on the______ 
changing table, dining table, baby swing, chair, counter, you name it, he's climbed it.
6. there's pee on the floor and i'm not sure from who or how long its been there.
5. ben just threw a softball at the window...
4. stop taking your diaper off! wait, did you poop?!
3. stop hitting your brother...with a screwdriver?! what...where did you even find that?!
2. we don't stick brooms in the airrrrr...yeah or that might happen.
1. get off of your brother! the usual.

so one might think that maybe skyping is better...they can all just run wild and stop for a quick hello here & there. yeah, i thought so too...until tonight. while skyping with {papa steve} & {nana roo} i was literally getting run over by the boys. all 4 of them. they were being a little more than the normal unruly.  we quickly ended our skype date with me getting belly bumped by both {ben} & {gabe}. i was laughing because i mean, seriously?! it was funny. but i'm pretty sure that now i have some sort of whiplash. those boys are getting strong!

intense brother training session

so if ya want me, text or email or use a your favorite social media outlet. i'm more likely to respond.  really, who wants to get their ear screamed in and then hung up on at no fault of their own?!

and if you don't have boys, you've now caught a glimpse into the life of raising boys.


  1. Haha Gabe in the tub with all his clothes on is still my FAV!!!

  2. I've got a naked climber is my favorite - that'd be a hilarious thing to hear before hanging up!

  3. I can totally appreciate this post!! Most of my friends just text me or PM me on FB. But I do have one friend who calls me all the time for nothing specific. Seriously, she calls me just to chat about nothing. I'm like, "Where are your kids? They're letting you talk on the phone? Well, I can't talk...2 of my kids are running around naked and honestly I have no idea where the other 2 are. Later".



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