who's my sneaky hiding adventurer?!

well, i'm not exactly sure who the best little hider in my tribe of arrows is, but i do know, i have at least one!

{gabe} will sit completely still and not say a word...granted he may be sitting out in the wide open, but still, not a peep.
{ben} giggles incessantly or tries not to and squeaks. he can't handle the anticipation of it all and usually pops out.
{sam} and {matty} haven't really learned the whole hide-n-seek thing yet. they do more of the peek-a-boo...well {matty} does. and he loves it like most 1 year olds do!

it makes me wonder which twin was hiding from the doctor's during doppler tests and the early ultrasound. because now that we know there were twins because until 20 weeks we didn't i can look at that 7 week ultrasound and see 2 babies. i can see it people. i would find a picture to put up here but i'm sure they are all packed away in boxes in a storage unit where the other 95% of my belongings are.

there are two. separate. little. beans!

well, maybe the ultrasound tech and OBGYN that saw me that day weren't as good at seeking as i am. i can't put my expectations of great observation on everyone, that wouldn't be fair. ha! either way, that day just after christmas 2010 that we got our ultrasound and had a late christmas gift for our families...but we weren't ready for it. no one was. there was still genuine shock that i was pregnant again.

still not sure of who was the hider although i have my suspicions but whoever it was, they win. best hiding spot ever! i'm just glad they decided to show themselves before it was labor time and i ended up one of those crazy ladies on discovery health that didn't know she was pregnant...with twins!

this post was inspired by mama kat's writers workshop.
5, the perfect hiding spot.


  1. This post reminded me of my toddler- she "hides" behind the curtains. When I "look" for her, she yells, " I'm hiding mommy!"

    So cute!

  2. Clever interpretation of the prompt! I can't believe they didn't see one of the twins. What a shocker to learn so far along that you were having twins!



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