single parent sundays & a whisper found in the loudness

i thought i'd be writing about my solo hike up & down the 3 flights of stairs, but thankfully i have yet to do that. we'll see how long that lasts. fingers crossed! instead i'll share about how i was and am being moved by God's love and assurance. covered in His peace.

things are a whirlwind of chaos in our daily lives. and in that chaos, i find myself easily discouraged or overwhelmed by even the simplest of tasks. and questioning if we jumped the gun in putting our house up for sale. i forget that time that we both {matt} & i heard the Lord calling us out. at the time it was so clear, so loudly clear. and now, it seems more like a lost thought or whisper. we were casually late to church as usual.
and once i finally got into service they were singing "your love never fails" by jesus culture. i already am a fan of this song, but really heard it as a reminder. especially the bridge.

"You make all things work together for my good."

in the midst of doubt & all the insanity that seems to be occupying every space of my life at the moment, i know it is for my good. i know i'm right where i'm suppose to be. and remember that He called me out of the boat. and it is my faith in Him that will sustain me. 

so, if your world seems to be spinning uncontrollably...you too are probably in the right spot. in the past year i have learned and experienced first hand that the Lord does give you more than you can handle. because He wants you to learn to turn to Him. so i'm keeping my eyes & heart focused on the prize ahead and not letting myself most days see or even notice the giant waves & whirlwinds that threaten to overtake me minute by minute.

what whirlwinds or waves of chaos are you battling?! i wanna know so i can stand with you.

if you have a minute or 8...geez long! watch the video of this song. it's jesus culture at a live event...not a cover.

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