victorious adventures in everyday

sorry so sparse lately, things have been a little more chaotic than usual. ya know, house inspections, appraisals, packing, etc...oh and the dryer just broke. ahh! so yes, my life is momentairliy flipped completely on its head. i will spare you all the stressful details. but, in this chaos,
i'm learning to find victory & joy
in the things of everyday life.

~ the house no longer needs to be show ready! that was me living a nightmare for 2.5 weeks while it was my husbands dream come true.
~ potty training {gabe} has proved to easier than first thought & things are going well. at least for today...
~ who needs a dryer anyways?! it's more than hot enough outside to dry clothes! & save some energy.
~ someone is coming to pick up the piano this week...that means no moving it for us!
~ the twins have learned how to entertain themselves with toys...who cares if that means they are getting into stuff in the big boys room.
~ it's such a good feeling to clean out the closets and learn that you can truly live with just the basics. at least when it's by choice rather than necessity...
~ and i've definitely had a friendly refresher course in just how different {matt} & i approach just about everything in life, including how & what to pack.
~ i currently have a great excuse to use paper plates & not feel guilty = not as much time in front of the sink!!
~ life outside the home goes on as normal with birthdays, cookouts & hopefully some date nights

and just to put a visual on an everyday victory...
{gabe} got hurt & all the brothers came around him to check on him 
& then {ben} prayed for him. 
that's when you know you're doing something right!

because don't we all have to remember to stop & smell the roses when life gets crazy?! 
what everyday things are you celebrating victory in today?

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  1. What a fantastic list! So much excitement and anticipation and yet children need downtime, too and it sounds like you're balancing it all :) I can't wait to read more about the next chapter of adventures. And I love the photo of the ones you love!



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