Daily chaotic adventures in the process of moving

From this...

to this...in about 12 hours

With a little of this...

And a little of that in between.

As you can see I'm busy packing a house & finding little buddies who have found empty places to play in. It'll be somewhat over this weekend. But at the moment we're moving (the 6 of us) into {auntie kate's} 2 bedroom, 3rd floor walk up...as we wait for our renter to vacate our condo.

Yep, prayers accepted & appreciated at this point. More thankful than ever for family!

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  1. wait! condo? are you moving back in the hood?

  2. Wow! You are going to be busy. And crazy. lol Good Luck!

  3. @melissa yes, eventually. You guys still there?
    @the blue zoo busy and DEFINITELY crazy. I'm well on my way...

  4. yes! and there are several SAHM as well! actually one on either side of your place! several of us get together usually every other week.

    email me sometime: melissagoodrich@cox.net

    we can get together sometime!

    also, let us know if you need help moving. i'm not good for much lifting, but aaron is, and i'm good for some brownies :).

  5. Good luck! Seeing those photos reminded me of the times we've gotten almost everything packed up, and for some reason I always find myself wishing we had that much fewer things. I love the look of a spacious house free of clutter. But as a mom of little ones I know I won't have my house looking that way for years to come. But then, I love watching my girls play with all their 'clutter.'



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