first time adventures as a back to school mom

and this is the reason i could never be a homeschooling momma...i put everything off to the last minute possible! ok, so granted we've been packing and moving and who wants to buy more stuff to pack and move...that more than likely will get lost in said moving. not me! deep breath...and let it out...

so i put the school supply list in the back of my head to do until after the move. well, hello...preschool starts monday for {ben}!

i know that i'll always be that mom that forgets to sign homework papers or turns something in...let alone bake or bring something to school. so not my gig. thankfully i was told that momma participation is voluntary love the sound of that word. i did say i could come to help, but i'd have to bring the 3 littles with me.... that ended that conversation promptly.

so to my boys, i'm sorry...
  • for all the times i know i'll forget to check your back packs until we're running out the door for school.
  • and that we'll always be running out the door because we'll be just on time or maybe late, but probably never early. 
  • i will do something cool for your birthdays at school, i hope you don't get embarrassed easily. 
  • i won't be the mom that wears the themed clothing coordinating to the current holiday.
  • but i hate the fundraisers as much as you do. if not more. 
  • i won't always remember to put sweet love letters in your lunch...or your lunch at all.
but i will...
  • love you & help you to love learning.
  • guide you to the best of my knowledge through fractions, composition, geometry and disgruntled teachers.
  • pray for you daily...
  • that you will learn how to stand IN the world but not be OF the world.
  • remind you that it's not about winning but doing your best...winning is just a bonus!!

i know the next 20 years of my life are filled with first days of school. i know that even then i won't feel like a pro, but hopefully i'll have gotten better in the areas i lack. if nothing else we all will have learned a lot. 

and for now, the supply list is fulfilled and ready to take to meet the teacher at the end of this week. patting myself on the back that it was done before monday!

so here's to school starting. 
and to all you...
dying for some quiet time
normal crazy schedule seeking
first time sending
last time sending


  1. Such a cute post. I had 3 kids 4 and under. I don't know how you are doing 4! You are a rockstar mama. : )

  2. I can't believe Benny is going to school!!! Why do they grow up so fast?!?! Miss you guys!

  3. Funny story- I have been following your blog for a short time already :) AND I found Call Me Blessed from this post :) SO yeah, its nice to meet you! I check your blog often :) Its definitely fun linking up with other twin mommas :) Such an adventure it is with these little ones! :)

  4. I loved this post! I sent my oldest to her first day of High School a couple of weeks ago. My son started middle school, and my twins are in 4th grade! The days are long but the years are short! I'll check back in to read your mommy adventures!

  5. this post was so perfect! thanks for linking up. I am so with you. I feel like I'm doing everything as the kids walk out the door. I'm doing some homeschooling with my pre-schooler this year. Wish me luck ;)



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