preschool adventures & embracing the camera

today was orientation and meet the teacher day at {ben}'s preschool. we all had to be up & out the door by 8:15 this morning. and for some of you, no big deal. but we are NOT morning people in this house. plus trying to feed, change & potentially re-change clothing on 4 boys, 3 that are 2 and under...yeah...thankfully we did make it out the door not too far behind schedule. then i was too busy listening to the teacher aren't i such a good student?! and keeping the twins busy to snap pictures of {ben}'s new classroom. and today is my first 'embrace the camera'. good thing for second chances. take 2 on monday...

the things that {ben} are most excited about are his new art smock & backpack probably because they came by UPS. not sure why he loves the art smock, but he does. and since it arrived yesterday, he randomly puts it on to wear around the house. so we snapped a few pictures of him in that. and hopefully his backpack once it arrives later today.

thank you {gabe} for taking center stage.
the boy loves the camera!


  1. I have to say I'm impressed. That is no easy doing! Love the shot- the boys looks so cute !



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