my first year of adventures with twinsies

to say the least, it's been a doozy! i'll be honest, if it weren't for pictures, i'm not entirely sure that i'd remember those first few weeks...or more like months...but alas, we've reached the 1 year mark. WE'VE SURVIVED! i realize that is by no means the end to that feeling, but it's quite an momentous occasion, as the leap from complete dependence on me mainly begins to lessen and a personal independence is established for both {sam} and {matty} and me again too. i have loved being their source, but now i too need a little more 'me time'. it's a bittersweet birthday. they are toddlers now either by age or by the fact that they are actually toddling around the house. {sam} actually decided to become a walker on his first birthday!

as the bittersweetness sets in, i wish i could have soaked up all of it a little more, but with 2 it makes it a little harder. i know i've taken time with each boy and learned who they are individually. yes, they are twins, but their personalities are so very different. and i've loved seeing those little personalities develop!

he's my big sensitive bear. he's more brut & brawn than gentle or graceful. his heart is tender & sweet. i treasure his huge grin and his giggles & babbles that fill the house. he's also my big snuggler. and who doesn't love a snuggler?! it's great because he's sturdy enough to squeeze really tightly. just thinking of how good it feels to squeeze him almost makes me want to go and get him out of bed...almost. at times he hesitates or wants a little extra assurance that i'm still close by. i have a feeling he won't ever be far from me & that makes my little heart happy.

and {matty}
he's my scrappy little fighter. he has no idea that his size is small or that it should inhibit him in anyway. if he wants it, he'll go for it! and sometimes he has even taken on {ben} to do so. i laugh at the prognosis the doctors made of him. there is no way this little guy was ever gonna 'have a high likelihood to pass away'. he's an explorer by nature. driven to find and try new things. this kid will always be keeping me on my toes wanting to know what's gonna happen next.

and so, when you put them together...they melt my heart. i see that they balance each other. i see that they have to work together to fully succeed. they were made as a pair. but the sweetest and yes, now i'm crying thing i see of them is that {matty} is not only a fighter, but a protecter. and {sam} not only has a sensitive, but a loyal heart. {matty} is the protector of {sam}s heart and {sam} the softener to {matty}s.

i am in awe of the 2 of them...what they've come through, who they are becoming and how they change the dynamic of our family. happy first birthday to my babies!!


  1. Now you made me cry! They ARE wonderful--filling our hearts as they fill your home. I noticed as they ate their whoopie pies how different they are: Sam stuffed it in his mouth but somehow came out clean; Matty ate it in pieces he could pinch off but made a huge mess. They are awe inspiring!

  2. Congrats on the first year! I know what a rollercoaster it is - there were times I didn't think I'd survive. And yet I also felt so blessed to get to experience twins- they bring such joy. We're almost to the 2 year mark here, and I have to say that the second year is SO MUCH MORE FUN than the first ;-)



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