a hot & adventurous 1st birthday party

the dynamic birthday duo
{matty} peanut butter &
{sam} jelly

the party was quite the celebration! our theme was "we go together like...peanut butter & jelly"

bbq & beans
mac & cheese
pb & j (for the kiddos)
apples & oranges

and for dessert:
milk & cookies

the weather even played along with our theme with its summer heat...so we brought out the water! the pool, sprinklers, squirt guns & buckets-o-water galore
part of the 2 & under crowd...
there were at least 5 others running around

{ben} sporting his party shirt
{gabe} was too quick into the pool to get a pic in his shirt
lesson learned: need to figure out who's name to say first when singing happy birthday, otherwise it's a jumbled mess. ha! it was my first ever twins birthday party. i've learned and still am that there's a learning curve with multiples on everything.
singing happy birthday

since we were only serving cookies as dessert, i needed to find a softer cookie for their 'smash cakes'. i found the perfect solution...whoopie pies. it was a super easy recipe.
digging into their 'cake'

{matty} & {sam} hanging with dad after cake

and since it was so hot, the flies were horrendous. thankfully i had these containers from our wedding!  to use. they worked perfectly for cookies & fruit. all the other food was in crock pots or in jars with lids.

and to make the boring ole pb & j a little more interesting, i bought these sandwich cutters. i thought about buying the gender neutral shape ones...but hey, if i'm spending the money i might as well buy something i know the boys will love. so cars it was! pretty sure the big boys have eaten car or truck sandwiches every day since the party.

and my fav drink jug ever & kiddie cups. we had the kids take these home as their favors. these were little jelly jars with holes punched in the lids & cute striped paper straws. i adore mason jar sippy cups...once they have passed the cup throwing stage that is. 

and thankfully we signed a contract on our house that day, so now immediate clean up required!

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