the little things adventures

This weekend I'm just gonna do a picture post of a few sweet moments that I've captured recently. Because it's not always big crazy adventures, most days are just full of the little things.

all photos are taken on my iphone. i'm on instagram too...so follow me: mamacookie

pots n' pans band
{matty} found the pots cabinet & then shared with {sam}

{ben} loves to snuggle with his twin brothers
...especially right after naptime.

this is how i found {gabe}after a nap one day.
probably one of my all-time favorite pictures.

{gabe} loves his big brother {ben}.
this picture melts me!

{ben} asked me to take a picture of he & {matty}
...and then came {godzilla gabe}...

my view saturday morning...watching cartoons with daddy

{sam} on a dinner date with {auntie kate}

the new carpet is wonderful & looks sooo much better.
of course the room is still getting put back together. :)

working on a big post for later this week. happy 4th of july everyone! may there be lots of sparklers, slip n slides, pools, popsicles & bbq for all :)

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