single parent sundays & a 4th of july monday

not a recent shot, but the only one of
my "you better stop it now" face

the weekend has come & gone yet again. sunday was but a blur, but thankfully a little slower. i felt like i was able to manage seeing the faces of my boys rather than the chaos that surrounds the day. i've been needing some "me" time lately, so i made it a point to try to carve a little out. and when i say needing, i don't mean just wanting. my tell my husband that my introvert has kicked in and i just need that time to myself. usually i like to wander around and window shop. but because sundays don't really allow for that i did what i could...i went to run an errand instead of staying in service. much to my husband's dislike,yet he still said ok, thanks love!*** my mind needed a break. in a sense it just needed to regenerate it's self. and so it did slowly. i ran my errand and sat in the car until i saw people exiting the building. it's amazing the quietness of the car when there are no children talking/screaming or dvd's or music playing. my frown began to turn upside down...

i grabbed the boys and headed home. i was able to focus on the boys and get lunch in a somewhat normal manner. meal times at our house are crazy as i'm sure many of you know similar circumstances. everyone ate well, then played well & down for naps well. we all got naps. it was completely awesome. in fact, the babies were still sleeping when it was time to go to night church, so we just stayed home. that in itself was pleasant. no waking up children. no rushing off to church. no hungry children. we stayed on our normal schedule. i cleaned and the boys played. we had baths. it was a perfectly normal evening. something this momma truly needed.

today we finished some deep cleaning & house projects and were able to enjoy a picnic this afternoon. {nana roo} offered to watch the babies while we took the big boys. sprinkler. friends. grilling. video games. and more than enough food. it was yet another great day in mama-land. i feel like i have decompressed...my introvert has gone back the hole from which it came and life moves on. because tomorrow, i'm packing up the boys & heading south. {matt} is out of town so i figured i could use the help & {grammie} just happens to have the week off. davidson, nc...here we come! and then i'll need to decompress again next weekend.

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***although i don't usually skip church for mental health days, i found it best in the interest of my family to do so.


  1. I totally understand needing a break! Sometimes you just NEED a quiet moment so your brain can relax. Glad you had a good Sunday/Monday :-)

  2. @Laura M. thanks for having us over. matt & i both enjoyed ourselves :)



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