unwelcome door knocker adventures

my bouncers

i have a glass front door & windows all along the front of my house. which means i can't exactly pretend to not be home if i don't want to answer the door. i've had all sorts of interesting and unwanted door knockers. some of the regulars are the jehovah's witness, local baptist & mormon missionaries to whom i tell, "i'm a pastor's wife and God bless you", then politely close the door before one of the small kiddos escapes. contractors doing work on another old house down the street and wanting to help by offering a quote on the windows, gutters or siding. again, i politely say, "i just had twins. we don't have money to spend on the house", and they turn and leave before i close the door. but the visitor i had earlier this week isn't a regular, but more of a constant annoyance.

there is a small group of neighborhood boys who ride their bikes up & down the street all day...unattended. of course my annoyance is with the parents who choose not to sit outside and keep an eye on their kids, not the kids themselves. why, well let me tell ya...

last summer {matt} had put down some grass seed & turned the sprinkler on. all of a sudden i look out my large front window and see said group of boys riding their bikes through my front yard. i didn't immediately run out yelling. i waited. surely they would just do it once, maybe twice and be done. nope. they continued until i finally figured out they weren't going to stop. are you kidding me?! i don't know you from job! 

they have also been known to come to knock on my glass door to ask:
  • can i swim in your pool?
  • can i play basketball in your driveway?
  • can i have your basketball hoop?
again, i don't know these kids or their parents. and i'm making assumptions here, but i'm pretty sure a parent does not want their kids in a stranger's pool unattended...but maybe that's just me. 

my favorite unsupervised child story...
when {ben} was about 11 months we were at the play area at a local mall. it's cold outside & i need to get out of the house. granted i was a new mom and still learning how to interact with other parents & kids, but there was this child who was going crazy. he was about 5 years old and pulled out his nunchucks. yes people i said nunchucks. 
ok, 1. where is your mother? 
2.who gives a 5 year old nunchucks. 
3. who gives them to him when he is on a playground?! you are not napoleon dynamite and do not need to work on your nunchuck skills...at the mall no less. 

so please mamas...do not let your children wander aimlessly down the street & bother the neighbors or give your child nunchucks ever.

thank you mama kat for the prompt this week. i shared here with all of you instead of the neighbor boys & their unsuspecting mothers.

*** not even lying, they just showed up again. this time asking if my kids could come out to play. no, you are 10 and he is 4. him? oh no, he's 2. 


  1. Love the bouncer pic! "get 'em boys!"

  2. Yes, it really annoys me when parents don't watch their kids, especially at the park. I've heard of mothers even falling asleep while their kids are playing in the park. Who does that?

  3. I actually always feel bad for the kids who have to knock on strangers doors for drinks, or to see if they can play with your stuff. It always makes me think that they are mistreated at home. They could just be brats, but still - I always just wonder whats going on at home that this kid is desperately looking to play elsewhere.



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