a non-adventurous, predictable conversation with a stranger

today i'm linking up with Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop. i'm not exactly following the prompt to a T, but it did get me to thinking...so instead of writing about my responses to unsolicited parenting advice, here are typical questions i'm asked if not in just one conversation when i'm out & about. most of the time i graciously smile & give a polite answer, but my mind and hopefully not the look on my face is saying something different. so here are the questions and my polite responses** & crazy thoughts*** all done with a smile on my face.

10. "you've got your hands full!"
** Oh, I still have 1 arm open, so I'm doing good.
*** yes, thank you. would like to open the door for me?
9. after a brief glance over my tribe... "all boys? wow. you really do have your hands full!"
** yes, 4 boys...
***there are trucks, cars & blue covering each one of them. no pink anywhere people. boys, they're BOYS!
8. "are they fraternal/identical twins? that one's so much smaller."
** yes they're identical twins. yeah, he's my little peanut.
*** i guess they could be close in age, but there's not that big a size difference. they look the same to me.
7. "how old are [the twins]? and your other ones?"
** the twins are 11 months now, my oldest is 4 and my second is 2.
*** please don't ask what the age difference is...please don't ask what the age difference is.
6. "how old were they when the twins were born?"
** 3 & 16 months smile
*** dang it! please just move on...
5."was it natural or did you do fertilization?"
** umm...natural???
*** really?! 
4."do twins run in the family?"
** well, they're identical, so that can happen to anyone. spontaneous twins they call them.
*** identical twins don't run in families people. 
3. "was it a c-section or a natural birth?"
**ok, they came a month early so it was a c-section.
***again with the overly personal questions from a stranger. i don't feel like giving you my medical history.
2."better you than me. i don't think i could go that."
** well thank you!
*** is this some kind of back-handed compliment?
1. "oh, you don't breastfeed. you should. it's best for the baby."
** well, i did breastfeed for 8 months but now, we're just doing formula.
*** thanks for making me feel like a loser. and yes, thank you, i do know that, but take a look at my life and tell me then if you would breastfeed.

i wish i could say that this was just a one time deal, but it happens. every. time. some days i feel like a circus freak show. and then i step back and look at the circus that i am trying to contain while out and laugh at the spectacle my tribe is. :) although i never would have asked to attract this much attention, it does make for interesting stories...and makes every outing take a little longer. if you know me personally, i'm sure you'll chuckle at the thought of me getting stopped every 5 feet. if you don't believe me, i'll swing by and pick you up on the way to the store next time.
i've posted this picture before...
but i think it lends the necessary visual of why i get stopped.

* please don't be offended if you've asked me any of the questions above. this post was made out of humor, not to make anyone feel bad or to put them in their place. and besides if you've asked & reading this blog, you're someone i know and you should be laughing at my continuos awkward encounters. :)


  1. I have had to explain to so many people that my twins can not be identical because they are boy/girl it makes me crazy! Even nurses.... The penis kinda makes that impossible!
    Happy Writer's Workshop day!

  2. I always wanted to be a twin growing up. I didn't know that identical twins didn't run in families! You taught me something while entertaining me. People do say the most OUTRAGEOUS things!!

  3. What a great looking bunch of kiddos you have there!

    Your crazy thoughts? Are things that I would probably say out loud!

    Hee hee!

  4. You handle those comments well!!! I think twins
    generate more comments.
    Just popped in from Mama Kat!

  5. Love this!! The picture is great!!! Can't wait to read more =)

  6. people tell me I have my hands full all the time...so maybe, just maybe, you and I should join up at the mall sometime with our 7 kids and see what kind of looks we get. AND we could tell people that Isaac&Gabe are twins...and that Ben&Olivia are twins...LOL. I love reading what you have to say my friend!

  7. Aww they're so cute! Nice to know I'm not the only one running a circus. Especially appreciate the hair comment. Meg's got blonde hair still. Sean's is not quiet brown but was platinum (what little he had) when he was an infant. Bridge, always dark headed, it's actually lightened some.

  8. OH my word! You really do get the drill! Geez. "You have your hands full" ;) Thanks for topping by my place!

  9. Adorable kiddos! People do get awfully personal sometimes... especially with kid questions. I never was asked such extremely personal questions before I got pregnant!
    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  10. Ok, I typed in a long brilliant comment and then lost it!!

    That stroller is awesome! I have never seen a double with a standing back. The questioning of multiple moms is one of those things. People want to know how it is done, but to get those answers they tend to ask person question. :) Ahhhhh, thanks but no thanks!

    Thanks for visiting my blog.

  11. This post is right on for most parents with more than 2 small kids. I use to get similar comments about having my hands full...

    I wanted one of those sit n stand triple strollers for my 3 kiddos spaced 13mths apart between each one. I ended up getting a double and just laying down the back seat and putting the 2 older ones in there. Got some strange looks with a stroller stuffed full of kids. lol

    :) hi from mamaK's



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