a flashback adventure...knott's island

i was trying to figure out how to rehash the last year of my life. at some moments it seems lost and maybe others just plan forgotten. and it definitely didn't get recorded on here. i started blogging when {ben} was a month old may 2007 and was fairly faithful in updating my distant family on the ongoings of the boys until...surprise! i was pregnant with the twins. it was december of 2009 and i was sick, tired & just trying to keep up. plus, it was holiday season. 

so in an attempt to relive the days of yesteryear i'll post some pics from time lost...

the 6 of us at an orchard/farm fall 2010

we went apple & pumpkin picking with a friend who has kiddos the same ages as the big boys. it was quite the adventure. we road a ferry the kind where you drive your car onto the boat across a 5 mile stretch of water & it took us 45 minutes. definitely not the way to go when in a hurry. it was free and the boys loved it. they fed birds crackers from the top deck of the ferry while i nursed the babies in the van down below. everyone was happy! 

we go to pick apples...and there are no apples to pick the lady informs us. instead we just eat our picnic lunch by the water and enjoy the gorgeous fall day. afterwards we headed down the rows of pumpkins to pick the very best one. {ben} is finally at the age where he gets it. {gabe} just enjoyed running "free".  i recommend doing it to anyone if you live close to a place like this. idyllic really. and who doesn't love a place where the kids can roam free without fences or strollers?!

me & my sweet little {matty boy}

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  1. we did the same thing. got there and no apples! i think the season is MUCH earlier here than in the mountains. haha...there's always this year to try again!



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