life long adventures with my best friend

some may have thought i was talking about my dear, sweet husband, it's not. although he is my best friend this is in honor of my bff cliche yes, but true. it's her birthday, i'm writing a post on her...and well friendship.

this just makes my all tingly with sweet nostalgia :)
3 &4 years

{B} is 11 months older than i am. since our parents have been friends since college, we can say that she came to meet me at the hospital after i was born. whether or not that is actually true, i'm not exactly sure, but you get the idea. i've known her literally since day 1. it's been a God ordained kinda friendship that has endured time and distance over the last 28 years. i would say she's like the sister i never had, but i have 2 sisters...so i guess she's just like #3. i've been blessed to know her and continue to be a part of her life.

this friendship seemed normal to me until the last couple of years. i now have a better sense of how truly special it is. most people can say friends since high school or college and that's pretty awesome, but we have them beat. i get a little teary eyed thinking of all the things that we have gotten to experience together and still the things to come.

i can only hope & pray that there are friends like this waiting for my boys. full of love & grace. acceptance & forgiveness. encouragement & deep understanding. it's comforting knowing that they will always have each other, but i beg God sometimes for someone outside the family because we all need a friend like that. they keep us sane. :)

although i've just focused on {B} since it's her birthday, the best part of our friendship is that it wasn't just the 2 of us.  when i was about 2ish we met another family with a little girl our age...who was born just between us {B} june, {Abs} december & {k} may. we were the 3 musketeers for sure. fantastic memories of childhood, adolescence & now adulthood with these girls.

so not only is it {B}'s birthday, they are coming into town to see me this weekend!

enjoy the last year of your 20's &
 may it be filled with many new adventures :)
while i'm not particularly fond of this picture,
it's the most recent one i have. 

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  1. Kristi...I love you so much, sister! Now I'm teary-eyed as I get in the car to drive to your house. :) SO thankful for this enduring frienship God has blessed us with, and I do pray the same for your boys, Wesley and my future children! *superglue*



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