it's an adventure packing for an adventure... part 2

so i'm currently taking a mental break...there's a baby screaming, dishes piled & generally stuff everywhere. oh and the big boys keep pulling toys out and making a bigger mess. they do say that trying to clean a house with kids around is like shoveling the sidewalk while it's still snowing. exhausting and pointless.

i'm packing while the kids are awake and playing. they are really overly excited about the trip to see their cousins. so they are helping as much as a 2 & 4 year old can. i'll do house chores while they are asleep because really that's the best time to do it anyways. and the packing of the car will take place tonight & in the morning when it's not so stinkin' hot outside!

normally i would be excited about the trip for the kids & buy them a fun bag of goodies to have for the 6-7 hour trek to the cousins house, but really i'm more excited to just get them there already. i'm totally and completely fine with letting them veg out and watch cartoons or play games on the old iphone. and the babies, well, they too have just discovered the tv so the can watch it in their mirror. i'm sure they won't even notice it's backwards.

the list of gear for A BABY, 1 singleton that's a mom of multiple term i learned is something ridiculous! and for me, it's multipied by 2...gah! i was smart and already sent some stuff with my mom. so the trip down won't be as bad. yes, i do realize it will still all end up in my car on the return trip, but {Matt} will be there to help with that.

here's my list of gear for the twins:

  • 2 high chairs at least ours are the clip-onto-the-table kind
  • double stroller
  • baby monitor
  • bottles
  • bottle brush for cleaning said bottles
  • 2 blankets each
  • 2 pacifiers each
  • a bag of toys they've reached the age where they get bored with one after about 20 mins. boo! so a BIG bag it is.
  • carseats obviously
  • sippy cups
  • sound machine
  • lotion for after bath time of course!
  • diaper bag packing that is a separate feat in itself
    • spoons 
    • burp clothes
    • tylenol cause of course they are teething
    • teething swabs
    • diapers
    • wipes
    • butt paste
    • change of clothes
    • food pouches
    • puff snacks
    • changing pad
    • dirty diaper bags
    • formula containers filled hopefully :)
this is what i already sent with my mom/ she has or bought:

  • baby wash
  • 2 pack n plays
  • 2 pack n play sheets
  • johnny jumper
  • the superyard
  • formula
  • baby food
  • diapers
  • wipes
  • finger food snacks
ok...i'm sure i've forgotten something critical, but that's to be expected right?! i mean this is all just for the 2 smallest people in the family. i haven't even thought about what to pack for myself. not having to worry about my clothing being appropriate to chase/pick up/feed little boys in...it opens up a whole new realm of possibilities! oh the excitement!!

i'll post pictures of loading the car tomorrow...because we all know that really is an adventure all in itself!

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  1. oh, you know if you forget your own clothes it won't really matter...your kids will be with SOMEONE ELSE!!!!!!!!! Although I'm sure the VVs would like to see you WITH clothes ON...so, actually, don't forget them.



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