a crazy...some may call stupid...adventure

whew! it's been a week since i've been home from vacation and i feel like i can just now breathe again. it really is true that you need a vacation from vacation. but i enjoyed it nonetheless! my first time away from ALL the kiddos for more than 1 night....AMAZINGNESS! i actually felt like a normal, non-mommy type person.

but let me start from the beginning...
i loaded up the kids & packed up the car to head south. by. my. self...
the plan sounded logical & completely normal until the morning i was leaving. then all i could think was "what in the world am i thinking?!" i was about to drive 7 hours by myself with a 4 yr old who has to stop to pee every couple hours, a 2 yr old who wants out of his car seat, and 10 mo. twins who get bored with their toys after 20 mins. i mean only a crazy woman would do this. seriously though, i think i momentarily lost my sanity. somehow in the midst of the insanity we left 30 minutes earlier than planned. that almost never happens!

my strategy was to just drive as long as possible without stopping. it's the stopping that kills ya. not just in the time department, but everyone gets out and has to re-settle into traveling mode. within the first 2 hours all the boys were asleep! i did a little happy dance in my seat and set the cruise control. we made it about half way 3 hour mark til the babies needed to eat. i actually had just past the exit that i had tentatively planned to eat lunch at thinking everyone was quiet & content...then a shout out from {Matty} let me know otherwise. i lovingly call him choo-choo because his cry is as loud as a train. thankfully, there was an access road at the next exit that connected back to where i wanted to be.

so we stop at a McDonald's that has a sweet playground although it's outside and wifi. we're all happy! there's just one little thing...i left my "train" at home. i did bring the double stroller for my mom, but it's under. all. the bags. ugh! that wasn't planned very well. so i put my wrap on and dig the stroller out. it took an hour to unload, order smoothies, feed babies/ big boys played, go to the bathroom & change 3 diapers. i was ready for a nap after that ordeal. then i realized the dire necessity of my drive as long as possible plan. and by the miraculous hand of God and my deafened ears to the sounds of crying and whining, we made it without another stop!

it was a miracle trip for sure. one that i'm not sure i could ever repeat, therefore, i may not ever try again. at least not without help that is. :)
our welcoming committee made it in
the car before i could make it out.

{Ben} was soooo happy to finally be with cousins!

{Sam} & {Matty} were just trying to figure out what the commotion was all about. Pretty sure they had been asleep.

my sister-in-law is amazing! and a saint :)
kids ages 2, 3, 4, 5, 6...not pictured 9 


  1. WOW WEE! Job well done! Mommy badge for you!

  2. I'm with Charity. HUGE mama badge...and probably about 4 extra jewels in your crown in heaven:)

  3. haha! thanks ladies. although if i knew that's what you had to do to get one, i may have just left it to someone else. :)



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