it's an adventure packing for an adventure... part 1

it's here, it's here! the time has finally come...{Matt} & I are finally leaving all the kiddos for more than just an overnight excursion and going on a vacation. and yes it's a vacation because there are NO KIDS coming. i've been so excited about this for months & it literally has snuck up on me. i got distracted with house stuff and realized we leave this friday! shut. up. i haven't gotten a single thing in order for this trip. my wonderful sister in law is watching the big boys for me. they are beyond stoked to spend a few days with their cousins. we've been counting down for days...correction, it's been a month long countdown. and the twins are going to my mom & dads. they are looking forward to playing grandparents on their turf & showing them off to friends.

we took our first family trip in march. that was a disaster. that'll be a catch up blog later. i've learned a thing or 2 on my packing procedures. 
step 1: loads & loads of laundry commence
           *of course it was backed up already...power outage, pool party, life :)
{Sam} helping me fold one of many loads

step 2: pull out clothes for each kiddo
           *the math on how much to pack for kids is a little crazy. maybe i'll just pack swimsuits for big boys & only onsies for the babeskas. :)
piles of clothes for big boys...

and the clothes for twins.
they're in different sizes so that means even more clothes to pack

step 3: pack a daily bag of clothes in a ziplock bag 
           *i'm not a control freak, promise. it's more for my brain to see that my children have enough clothes to wear 
and then i pack an outfit for each day in a bag with their name and day (and a note from me on the back)
then there's a bag with pjs & another with extras items (listed on note)
this works great with the smaller clothes but {Ben}'s are just about too big

it's easiest to pack the clothes first because they can wear whatever until we leave...it's the packing of the gear that is hard because it's last minute. that i think i'll save for tomorrow...or maybe friday. :)

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  1. SO excited for you! Have a great time!! Keep up the posts, enjoying the reads :)



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