adventure of single-parent sundays...or not so much

well this sunday was slightly different than most...i played hookie from church. :) my parents were in town, i was in the middle of house projects & {Matt} was leaving town that afternoon. while i had several legit reasons for not going, it really was just a much needed break from the chaos. i even got the chance to sleep in thanks to my parents who got up with the boys! that too was much needed.  i figured it was the most appropriate way to start the summer off. then the big boys and i headed for a swim in the pool. it's so nice having a pool in the backyard as opposed to gathering & loading up to go to the pool. especially since {Gabe} would really rather wander the backyard and get in & out a million times rather than actually being in the pool. it was so hot, we were done in an hour. again thankful for the few steps to the house instead of a jaunt home.

really my day was full of painting. my mom was on grammie-duty and took care of the boys so i could get my lazy booty into gear. its been soooo long since i've been available/ able to do manual labor like that. saying i was exhausted and sore just wouldn't quite do me justice. i was whiny like my 4 year old,  talking like my 2 year old and not making sense to anyone, and walking more like wobbling like my 10 month olds.  a pitiful sight for sure. because i forgot to wear shoes. i don't usually wear shoes around the house because, well, i just don't need them. whoopsy! lesson learned. but...the downstairs bathroom, my bedroom door finally! and the side door all have a fresh, new coat of paint. i was a little too excited to get the projects started so there are no 'before' pictures. but i did get some after pics. thanks to my dad, we got most of the list of projects checked off the list. that's such a great feeling! i mean, really, who doesn't enjoy checking things off the list?!

my weekend projects...my dad's list was much more impressive than this.
MUCH happier space!
used to be white on top with cream/white stripes on the bead board
(hadn't touched it since we moved in)

the side/back entrance door & window frame with a fresh coat of paint.
(don't mind the peach walls, that was 1 item
that didn't get checked off the list)

my bedroom door it's a sliding barn door type and it's fresh coat of paint & new handle.
(again, don't mind the paneling,still more painting to be done...)

so even though this sunday i had help from my parents & i wasn't out adventuring around town by myself with 4 kiddos...there's always an adventure to be had! my sore hands & feet are proof!

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