mischievous boys and the carpet adventure

the new carpet is being installed as i type. and thank the good Lord! it's the same carpet that was there when we bought the house and it's just full of nastiness. anytime i would go to clean or move things around it would stir up so much dust & make me sneeze to no end. gah-ross! and of course there were original hardwood floors under the nasty carpet that had not been taken care of and even some linoleum tiles that would not come up. oh the surprises that carpet covers up!
our bedroom with the carpet out

yesterday was prep day. {matt} moved the furniture and tore out the carpet & padding in both rooms. he's awesome like that. and my job was to keep boys out of the way. i was semi-successful. it's hard to keep curious & mischievous little boys away from floors covered in carpet tacks and staples. sharp objects & little boys are like magnets that can't live without each other. thankfully we made it until this morning without any injuries. keeping shoes on little boys is almost another impossible task. therefore, {ben} ended up with a cut on his big toe. it bled, he cried. CARS band-aid fixed it all. funny how it just takes a band-aid sometimes. :)

my closet is now a furniture storage room
as soon as the installer stepped in the front door, the boys swarmed. it's like they have this innate sense that there are tools being used. it was all i could to do to contain the curious minds. so i put up the baby gates to keep everyone in the living room. i discovered that {ben} read his first sight word, "Lowe's"off of the installer's shirt. guess he's spent a little too much time there while being daddy's helper. what can i say, the boy loves his power tools at a young age. 

as soon as i could gather things to go we were outta there! we're camped out again at {nana roo}'s. thankful for the blessing and so not looking forward to have a respite once they close on the house the end of july. so i'm taking it all in at the moment. enjoying {nana roo}'s garden from the porch while the boys nap. and yes, they actually napped today! doing some laundry & hanging out with {abbie}. 
nana roo's garden. just doesn't quite do it justice...


  1. I'm glad you had somewhere to go! Enjoy it all you can.

  2. The hardwood looks good but I'm sure brand new carpet will be even better especially with the little guys around.

    Can't wait to see how it comes out.




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