single parent sundays...and the non-sleeping babies

we planned on having lunch at my in-laws house after "day" church. i feels like forever since we've done so because they've had their house on the market and well, we don't exactly keep a house in show-ready form.

on sundays the morning nap gets shortened or completely eliminated because of church. per the usual, the babies had taken a short nap in the car on the way home from church, but by no means was it long enough to justify them staying awake. once we got to {nana roo}'s my mother-in-law house, i headed straight to the room where the pack n plays are set up to put the boys down for the continuation of their nap. they weren't having it. instead of sweet sleeping babes, i got arched backs & ear piercing screams. awesome.

all of my boys seem to have done this at one point or another. they protest sleeping anywhere but in the comfort of their own beds...at home. but really, who can blame them?! i mean, i don't sleep well anywhere else either, so why should i expect my kids to? i need MY pillow and MY blanket and MY rutted out spot in MY bed. and they would want the same i suppose.

this is totally one of those things i said that my kids would never do...and here i am...again! i now surrender. because the only thing sweeter than a sleeping baby...is a sleeping baby that goes down quietly.

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